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Row. Row. Row.

i stumbled into a wooden sampan boat, struggling to keep my balance, desperately clutching onto a local’s outstretched hand for support.

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To Nepo or Not To Nepo

In a dazzling red dress covered in what appeared to be crystal acrylic fingernails, model Kendall Jenner donned a retro beehive hairstyle, glued her hands firmly to her hips and closed the Schiaparelli spring/summer 2024 womenswear show. Videos circulated online of the look, and Jenner met an outpour of comments not about the dress but […]

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The Cobbler

The Cobbler is a short film written and directed by Tyson Edwards, produced by Keller Huffman and starring Dillon Cavanagh and Caroline Cochrane.

Ahead of its premiere at the Carolina Film Association showcase on April 23, Coulture’s editor-in-chief Clay Morris spoke with some of the film’s cast and crew about the process of making the film and what viewers can expect to see in the horror-comedy.

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The Sustainable Fashion Industry: At What Price?

Capsule wardrobes have gained increasing popularity thanks to social media and influencers like Matilda Djerf. Djerf, in particular, went above and beyond just advertising a capsule wardrobe: she created her own brand dedicated to providing timeless, high-quality pieces of clothing. Her brand focuses on articles of clothing that will last a lifetime – pieces that […]

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How Gen Z Is Changing the Political Landscape

Generation Z has lived through a harrowing past 20 years: from the housing crisis to a global pandemic, we have watched a century’s worth of history unfold in our short time on Earth. We have seen technology move from its infancy into the backbone of our infrastructure at a rate that nobody else in history […]


Alzheimer’s Strikes Families, Not Individuals

A few months later, my grandfather collided with a truck while on that same moped. He suffered from a severe concussion that marked the onset of his Alzheimer’s disease. At first, I ardently believed he would “just get better.” He would just wake up out of the haze that sometimes afflicted his thoughts. It wasn’t like he was confused all the time – he would go days acting completely fine.


Taking Black History Month into all months: a literary journey

As Black History Month draws to a close, it’s necessary to carry the importance of Black culture, artistry and history with us year round. While February stands to commemorate the achievements of Black Americans, why don’t we continue to take our celebrations into all months of the year with literature? The books listed below showcase […]

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A brief lesson on Bauhaus for its 100th birthday

As 2019 brings the centenary of the founding of Bauhaus, it may be useful to refresh our memories on what Bauhaus is and what it means for art and culture today. Bauhaus, literally meaning “building house” in German, refers to both a movement and a physical school. The Staatliches (“state-owned”) Bauhaus was a school of […]


The business of pleasure: sex work is real work

When people think about love, sex work may not immediately come to mind. While it’s not entirely based on the concept of love, sex work is deeply rooted in intimacy, vulnerability and acceptance.