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Fashion as a Form of Intellectual Agitation

Editor-in-Chief Clay B. Morris reflects on the inspiration and ethos of the Spring 2023 edition of Coulture.

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Tamilore Kolawole: UNC’s Unsung Style Hero

“You’ve committed to being Tami. And I love that.”

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The Cobbler

The Cobbler is a short film written and directed by Tyson Edwards, produced by Keller Huffman and starring Dillon Cavanagh and Caroline Cochrane.

Ahead of its premiere at the Carolina Film Association showcase on April 23, Coulture’s editor-in-chief Clay Morris spoke with some of the film’s cast and crew about the process of making the film and what viewers can expect to see in the horror-comedy.


The Disunited State of Fashion: The 2021 Met Gala Fails to Take American Fashion Head On

The theme’s usage of the word lexicon is ironically apt, considering that the majority of the looks that ascended the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s steps require some sort of tool other than fashion as language to decode their substance and raison d’être. Perhaps a better theme for the amalgamation of fabric and stitches donned that night would be: “In America: A Lexicon of Confusion and Calamity”.


Reflecting On My Father’s Fashion in the Fog of Grief

Increasingly though, since his death, I have begun to associate him with my clothing infatuation, and some of my most vibrant memories connected to clothing come from during his battle with stomach cancer.

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A Common Thread: The Abuse of Black Buying Power and Political Power

The conversation between my style identity as a Black person and my political identity as a Black person have not always come into contact. But these identities have consistently been in conversation, as they both have an indelible impact on America’s broader sociopolitical context. 

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‘Black Brought in Cool’: A Conversation with Fashion for All Co-Founder Ali Richmond

Here’s my conversation with one-half of Fashion For All, Ali Richmond, on Blackness, fashion and America’s racial complex

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The Devil Feigns Racial Accountability

The reasoning behind Wintour’s sudden sympathy for Black people is allegorical to what some claim is the bedrock of fashion: trend.

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The Chiffon Trenches: André Leon Talley’s Apology to Himself

Beyond my superficial connections to the former creative director of Vogue, my admiration for Talley comes from the respect I owe him for existing in an industry that has historically had little-to-no room for men who look like me. However, what is even more important to me is Talley’s permanence as a cautionary tale about the whims and woes of the fashion world for Black people and, more specifically Black men.