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From Barbie Pink To The Color Purple

Alice Walker’s 1982 groundbreaking novel “The Color Purple” holds great significance within the Black community for generations.

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Return of the Preps: J.Crew’s New Era

Walking into the Oak Brook Mall J.Crew with my mom and sister and promptly splitting to the “Crewcuts” section remains a vivid memory of mine. My mom would look for clothes for herself, while my sister and I argued over which one of us would get to wear the tweed dress with the pearl detailing […]

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To Nepo or Not To Nepo

In a dazzling red dress covered in what appeared to be crystal acrylic fingernails, model Kendall Jenner donned a retro beehive hairstyle, glued her hands firmly to her hips and closed the Schiaparelli spring/summer 2024 womenswear show. Videos circulated online of the look, and Jenner met an outpour of comments not about the dress but […]

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Harnessing Discomfort

Associate Editor-in-Chief Joey Marmaud reflects on the inspiration and ethos of the Spring 2023 edition of Coulture.

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Fashion as a Form of Intellectual Agitation

Editor-in-Chief Clay B. Morris reflects on the inspiration and ethos of the Spring 2023 edition of Coulture.

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Relatability Bubbles and the Sustainability of Influence

“77% of Black influencers fall into the nano and micro influencer tiers (under 50K followers) where compensation from brands averaged $27,000 annually (versus 59% of white influencers).”

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Virality’s Darkness: Balancing Privacy and Surveillance

“The desire for virality has led to a breakdown of previously respected boundaries and a disregard for privacy and security.”

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Praying for Aesthetic

“Something vaguely religious, vaguely insane and inevitably the result of a victim of serotonin syndrome. These accounts are often diaphanous and purposely indecipherable by nature.”

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The Cobbler

The Cobbler is a short film written and directed by Tyson Edwards, produced by Keller Huffman and starring Dillon Cavanagh and Caroline Cochrane.

Ahead of its premiere at the Carolina Film Association showcase on April 23, Coulture’s editor-in-chief Clay Morris spoke with some of the film’s cast and crew about the process of making the film and what viewers can expect to see in the horror-comedy.