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Return of the Preps: J.Crew’s New Era

Walking into the Oak Brook Mall J.Crew with my mom and sister and promptly splitting to the “Crewcuts” section remains a vivid memory of mine. My mom would look for clothes for herself, while my sister and I argued over which one of us would get to wear the tweed dress with the pearl detailing […]

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The ethical implications of being broke a$$ algae in the high-fashion food chain

It’s important to encourage people to really consider the ethical implications of where and how they are buying their clothing. However, it’s also important to encourage fashion-lovers and creatives of all economic statuses to be bold, and to wear what they love and what makes them feel how they are meant to feel.


Affordable fashion brands that are actually worth supporting

Many brands quickly and cheaply produce products to keep up with current fashion trends. This has become a common process, but most of the brands do not source their clothing in ethical ways. According to the Los Angeles Times, companies like Zara, H&M and Forever 21 have horrible working conditions and often steal ideas from […]