Beyond E-commerce: The Allure of Hyper-Physical Retail

Photo by Harry Cunningham. In the age of e-commerce — where the click of a button can deliver a world of products to your doorstep — traditional brick-and-mortar stores are facing an uphill battle. However, instead of conceding to the digital challenges, fashion retailers are discovering new ways to entice customers back into their physical […]

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Relatability Bubbles and the Sustainability of Influence

“77% of Black influencers fall into the nano and micro influencer tiers (under 50K followers) where compensation from brands averaged $27,000 annually (versus 59% of white influencers).”

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Everything you need to know about Soirée Style

It’s really important to support local, as well as support companies in fashion that are sustainable and making a huge effort to be inclusive. Supporting such initiatives can raise awareness for the company and introduce it to more people.

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The Surge of the Secondhand Store

The secondhand store has always been around, but with the help of social media, ‘thrifting’ is reemerging with a powerful new lease on couture life.