La Révolution du Tailleur-Pantalon

The tug-of-war between wanting to dress in traditional feminine attire and desiring the same respect their male colleagues gain from wearing suits is a battle that has been fought since the days of Joan of Arc.

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The Myth of the Cool Girl, Debunked

Be hot, brilliant and funny — just don’t make it look like you care.


The business of pleasure: sex work is real work

When people think about love, sex work may not immediately come to mind. While it’s not entirely based on the concept of love, sex work is deeply rooted in intimacy, vulnerability and acceptance.

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‘Glitter-covered mayhem’ : artist Ashley Longshore shares artistic lifestyle

While interning in New Orleans this summer, a friend of mine urged me to check out an artist named Ashley Longshore. Initially, I didn’t know who she was, but after my first visit to her studio in early June, I  – much like everyone else – fell in love with her work. One afternoon, I […]