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How Gen Z Is Changing the Political Landscape

Generation Z has lived through a harrowing past 20 years: from the housing crisis to a global pandemic, we have watched a century’s worth of history unfold in our short time on Earth. We have seen technology move from its infancy into the backbone of our infrastructure at a rate that nobody else in history […]


Let’s Combat Microtrends

Every time I swipe, there is a new “Shopping Haul” or “What I Wear in a Week” video. I see new viral videos every day of users wearing unique outfits and every other comment begs to know where it is from. Thus, another “Microtrend” is born. Microtrends are short-lived trends created by the fast-paced nature of social media.

What I'm Voting For

The Pitfalls of Slacktivism

Then, it hit me. “Ally,” I stated as my turn came. I felt proud claiming the identifier “ally,” and I felt like I deserved to claim it. At least, to my Black and Mexican-American friends and to my gay sister, I was an ally, right?