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Mental Health Doesn’t Stop Here

What has not disappeared are the struggles of students on campus as autumn continues marching forward into a looming winter. The darkness that sets in by 5 p.m. and finals on the horizon did little to bring up the spirits on campus; it can be difficult to remember to focus on yourself when so much is happening around you.

Navigating Your Social Media Algorithm

I have fallen victim to the social media slot machine many times. I first created an Instagram account when I was 12 years old. At that age, we are not able to fully comprehend the way that these websites are designed to trick us into using them more and more. I would see one post that made me feel bad about myself, and it would ruin my entire day.

Running Away From Heartbreak

You are off to a fresh start with new memories and endless opportunities when you board your flight or start your drive to a new place. Traveling opens the doors to a new outlook on life by experiencing a new culture or breaking out of your comfort zone for personal growth.

Mask On, Mask Off

Having a thirteen-year-old brother that has not been vaccinated yet, I am hesitant to get rid of the mask for good. On April 28th, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper lifted the required mask mandate, and normalcy appeared to be in sight. However, is the new mandate a false sense of security?

4 Brands Geared Towards Mental Health

As an avid Instagram user AND online shopper, I have stumbled across more than a few eye-catching brands from my extensive scrolling. What began to stand out to me was that so many of these companies had something to do with mental health — whether it be the words “your anxiety is lying to you!” across the back of a hoodie or a brand’s profits donated to mental health organizations.