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Interview with Legendborn Author Tracy Deonn

Tracy Deonn is UNC-Chapel Hill royalty. After receiving three degrees from UNC-CH, she featured the university as the setting of her debut novel. “Legendborn” follows 16-year-old Bree Wilson as she navigates the fantastical and not-so-fantastical elements of UNC-CH’s campus.


Alzheimer’s Strikes Families, Not Individuals

A few months later, my grandfather collided with a truck while on that same moped. He suffered from a severe concussion that marked the onset of his Alzheimer’s disease. At first, I ardently believed he would “just get better.” He would just wake up out of the haze that sometimes afflicted his thoughts. It wasn’t like he was confused all the time – he would go days acting completely fine.

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Pandemic Problems: Sexual and Reproductive Health Research During Lockdown

Over 35 other academic institutions, including UNC-Chapel Hill, have collaborated to understand the effects of lockdown practices on sexual and reproductive health in the International Sexual Health and Reproductive Health (I-SHARE) Survey. The survey addresses issues of contraceptive use, access to reproductive healthcare, sexual/gender-based violence and STI prevalence.

What I'm Voting For

Voting for Our Health

Every generation has one. For my parents, it was when the twin towers fell; for many grandparents, it was when President Kennedy was assassinated. The moment I learned of the first coronavirus case was my “milestone moment.”  As talk of the novel coronavirus disease was mounting in February 2020, some friends were concerned while others […]