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Beauty Trends At UNC

Health editor Cameron Shaw walks through some of the biggest beauty trends around UNC Chapel Hill’s campus for the 2022-2023 academic year.

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Is Anti-Fashion Dead?

Features team member Indigo Labida explores the theoretical underpinnings of anti-fashion and the future of the sub-category.


4 Brands Geared Towards Mental Health

As an avid Instagram user AND online shopper, I have stumbled across more than a few eye-catching brands from my extensive scrolling. What began to stand out to me was that so many of these companies had something to do with mental health — whether it be the words “your anxiety is lying to you!” across the back of a hoodie or a brand’s profits donated to mental health organizations.


Logomania, the 2000s and Celebrity Culture

Paris Hilton. Lagerfeld’s Fendi. Britney Spears. Von Dutch. The 2000s were an era of flashiness and high fashion, which introduced new fashion trends. One of these was logomania, a design strategy taken from Black artists. 

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What to know about fashion industry watchdog Diet Prada

Diet Prada (@diet_prada) is what Jonah Bromwich of The New York Times deems to be “an industry watchdog.” Fashion bloggers Tony Liu and Lindsey Schuyler, now in their fourth year of running the Instagram account, call out brands without holding back. They share photos and screenshots as evidence, even creating memes, to criticize copycat fashion, […]