Quarantine, Subcultures and Gatekeeping

We all want to fit into a mold. Surely, we display our individuality with the pieces we choose to wear, but no one can deny that trends, potential compliments and self-esteem influence our style. The concept of self-esteem, however, has dramatically shifted since the start of quarantine.


Logomania, the 2000s and Celebrity Culture

Paris Hilton. Lagerfeld’s Fendi. Britney Spears. Von Dutch. The 2000s were an era of flashiness and high fashion, which introduced new fashion trends. One of these was logomania, a design strategy taken from Black artists. 


The Classist History of Being ‘Fashionable’

Being deemed fashionable relies on outside perceptions of your clothing. How do you look wearing those Nike shorts? Do they make your butt perky? Are they, God forbid, stained? As society progresses, one’s clothing becomes less about intrinsic comfort and more about the desire for external validation.

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The Irony Behind High-Fashion Minimalism

In life, you can either be a minimalist or a maximalist.