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Beauty Trends At UNC

Health editor Cameron Shaw walks through some of the biggest beauty trends around UNC Chapel Hill’s campus for the 2022-2023 academic year.

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Skims and the Shapewear Repackage

TW: Discussion of body image and body dysmorphia Growing up in the early 2000s was fun for a plethora of reasons. Moon Boots, magic sand and Barbie dolls dominated my childhood. But, like most women who grew up during this time, there are also not-so-fond memories of strict body standards being inflicted onto us at […]

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The Irony Behind High-Fashion Minimalism

In life, you can either be a minimalist or a maximalist.

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Local nonprofit Redress Raleigh makes it easy to shop sustainably

The fashion industry is one of the leading causes of pollution in the world, leaving a massive carbon footprint in its wake. From water pollution to greenhouse gas emissions, textile production has extremely harsh effects on the environment.