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Game Day Look Book

Fall has arrived, which means a few different exciting fashion prospects are on the horizon.

Photography by Lily Luecking and Sophie Carey

Fall has arrived, which means a few different prospects are on the horizon at UNC-Chapel Hill. Your long anticipated “Christian Girl Autumn” era can finally come to fruition as the leaves start to change, pumpkin spice looms in every coffee shop and layering four shirts becomes socially acceptable. 

Of course, none of these are complete without football season. Whether you’re an avid sports-ball fan or just there to smile and look pretty, football season is FOR. THE. LOOKS. 

There are only two major obstacles to every game day: 

1. Deciding what to wear 

2. Trying to interpret the rules of football 

Though I’d love to be able to explain a home run to you, my skill set lies in the more pressing issue of making sure you look your best at the game.

Here are some ways to do that: 

1. Be PREPped and Ready 

One of the most popular game day styles at UNC is the 

traditional college-prep style. Collegiate yet comfy, this style can easily be dressed up or down. Light layers will keep you from heaving in North Carolina’s so-called “fall weather.” The college-prep game day style is often a way to give a subtle nod to the University. Think polos, tennis skirts and matching sets to complete the quintessential UNC game day fit. 

2. Show Some Spirit

If you prefer the more heavy-handed university motifs, don’t be afraid to pull out your vintage Tar Heels logo tees. Not to mention, nothing says fall like an oversized sweatshirt and a baseball cap. Have no shame in making yourself look like you’re vying for the attention of the jumbotron. Indulge in full UNC regalia, to the point where no one could possibly mistake you for going anywhere but a Carolina football game. 

3. Coordinate Head-to-Toe

Another subtler approach is  dripping yourself out in UNC’s classic colors. Swap the sweater dresses and Rameses tees for your personal aesthetic, done in a signature Carolina Blue palette. Even better, punctuate your flyest fashion with some blue and white ice to add some dimension to the fit. Whether or not you choose one of UNC’s recurring game day aesthetics, dressing chromatically correct is a must. It’s hard not to feel school spirit when everyone around you is coordinated from H2T. 

Though these words of wisdom may sound scriptural, don’t take them as absolute. The most important part of figuring out your game day fit is to have fun and infuse your individual style into whatever you choose to sport — no pun intended. 

And if you learned anything about football from my articulate sports references… you’re welcome.

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