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IN THE NOW: Halloween Looks I Want to See This Year

Mariah Carey is slowly defrosting, pumpkin spice lattes are available at every coffee shop, the Cat’s Cradle back room is decorated with cobwebs and pumpkins, the Pitch is set to host WXYC’s “The Dance Party Massacre” and Granville Towers’ package center is overflowing with Amazon packages. This can only mean one thing: it is time for Halloween.

Halloween happens to be one of my favorite holidays as it is none other than THE fashion holiday. It is an encouraged time to get crazy with the accessories, makeup and props. How fun that Halloween is also an acceptable time to be fashionably ugly or scary!

With 2023 trends, current events and social issues in mind, here are looks I want to see as I occasionally trick and most definitely treat all the way down Franklin Street.

Concept Costumes.

I praise costumes that are a little more personal. Concept costumes do just that. Concept costumes allow you to use pieces from your own closet to make a one-of-a-kind costume that may not always be easily identifiable to everyone but prompts some thought and conversation. 

The act of distinguishing “No, I am not just a UNC-Chapel Hill basketball player because I’m wearing a jersey,” with “I am former player Pete Nance as I’m obviously carrying around his favorite pre-game snack of lemon-flavored Oreos” is likely to lead to some fun. Concept costumes have lots of pros — one being its uniqueness, as nobody would have quickly gone to Spirit Halloween and purchased what you brained and sourced yourself. 

Another benefit of conceptual costumes is price. Concept costumes are ideal for college students balling on a budget as it allows you to piece together a complete and personal look from your very own closet. These costumes also fully allow individual expression to be had. Who says you need to be a dark angel or the Joker? Don’t conform to the easiest or most known costume if you don’t want to. Your costumes should not be the product of peer or societal pressure. I can’t wait to run into fellow students in their concept costumes and learn the meaning behind them!

Makeup As Costume.

I am all for the spooky beauty to be your costume. If I were dextrous and talented with eyeliner, I would no doubt wear a wonderful skeleton face as my costume to every Halloween party. Halloween is the perfect time to get crazy, colorful, imaginative and even textured with your makeup. Other days of the week just going to classes, the gym and your dorm, it might not be as socially acceptable or advantageous to front a seductive, smokey-eye tiger look on your face. So, capitalize on the holiday and own that tiger smokey-eye during Halloween! 

Makeup for your costume is another fantastic way to save money as some looks require basic products you likely already have in your makeup bag. Finally, makeup can allow you to reinvent yourself. On Halloween night you’re not a burnt out sophomore at UNC, you’re a tiger.

Costumes Inspired by UNC.

Why have I never seen anyone dress up as Kevin Guskiewicz and take a picture near South Building? While in college, I think it is fun to embrace your location and do a play on it. Maybe you do a duo costume with your best friend and dress up as Ramses and R.J.? Everyone will know who you both are. Dressing as a ram is not only fashionable with cute faux-fur, tights and maybe leg warmers, but it is suitable for cooler weather, which tends to be present this time of year while you’re doing your late night haunting. 

This Halloween, reuse last year’s Remy the Rat from Disney’s “Ratatouille” costume and repurpose it to be the meme of Coach K as a rat after we ended his career during 2022’s March Madness. Costumes like these deserve extra points for creativity and effort as well as proximity. What a better way to spend a college Halloween than paying homage to your university?

Finally, here are the things I do not want to see: judgment of other people’s looks. Halloween is a night where you can be or wear anything; free of shaming. Wear as little or as much costuming as you want – just have fun with it. 

Have a safe, spooky and, most importantly, stylish Halloween!

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