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Running Away From Heartbreak

You are off to a fresh start with new memories and endless opportunities when you board your flight or start your drive to a new place. Traveling opens the doors to a new outlook on life by experiencing a new culture or breaking out of your comfort zone for personal growth.

Advertising Can Change The World

However, the industry faces a big challenge: the rising consumer distrust in brands, digital advertising and advertising in general. The truth is that people hate ads. We are frustrated by all of the aggressive advertising being forced upon us constantly. We are paranoid about getting ads that are too specific.

Mask On, Mask Off

Having a thirteen-year-old brother that has not been vaccinated yet, I am hesitant to get rid of the mask for good. On April 28th, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper lifted the required mask mandate, and normalcy appeared to be in sight. However, is the new mandate a false sense of security?

Love Talks: Long Distance Relationships

“Love Talks” is a new Coulture digital series which will cover all kinds of topics ranging from breakups to self-love and any and all things dealing with relationships. As a disclaimer, the advice provided is not professional in any way –– these articles will be written from personal opinions based on experiences. “Love Talks” will be a collaborative effort from Coulture writers featuring different perspectives, but the authors will remain anonymous. We start today with the topic of long distance relationships for our first column.