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Advertising Can Change The World

However, the industry faces a big challenge: the rising consumer distrust in brands, digital advertising and advertising in general. The truth is that people hate ads. We are frustrated by all of the aggressive advertising being forced upon us constantly. We are paranoid about getting ads that are too specific.

A Conversation About The Death Penalty

Virginia has executed more people than any other U.S. state. A few weeks ago, it became the 23rd state to abolish the death penalty. There is a reason why over 70 percent of the world’s countries no longer use it. However, it is still practiced in 27 U.S. states with lethal injection being the most common execution method.

Being an International Student in the U.S. During a Pandemic

Being a college student in the current world is not an easy task. Balancing exams, papers, internships, mental health and a pandemic with no light at the end of the tunnel is exhausting. Let us not forget that we just witnessed one of the most crucial elections in American history. But being an international student – pandemic or not – brings a unique set of challenges.