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Bayou With Love: Everything You Need To Know About Nikki Reed’s Sustainable Fashion Line

Nikki Reed’s new fashion and cosmetics line, Bayou With Love, is a refreshing take on the eco-friendly possibilities the industry can adopt moving forward.

You have probably heard of Nikki Reed–actress, singer, and one half of possibly the world’s most beautiful couple. But one thing you may not know about Nikki Reed is her extreme passion for all things natural and eco-friendly. Together, Reed and her husband, Ian Somerhalder, donate their time and money to causes dedicated to animal rights and environmental preservation. Every Sunday, she devotes her Instagram to @yearsofliving, a documentary television series about “the causes, impacts and solutions to climate change.”

This year, Nikki decided to go a step further in her efforts. Teaming up with Freedom Of Animals founder, Morgan Bogle, she launched Bayou With Love, a minimalist and eco-friendly fashion line. Using nontraditional materials like recycled cotton canvas and post-consumer plastic, everything is made solely in the United States with ethical factories. Taking inspiration from the Louisiana Bayou, the collection includes dresses, pajamas, accessories and more, all with earth-toned colors and simple silhouettes. There is also a mini collection of sustainable cosmetic products sold exclusively with Anthropologie.

According to Harper’s Bazaar, the apparel industry makes up almost 10 percent of global carbon emissions. Reed, being a lover of both fashion and environmental protection, found a way to contribute to the fashion industry’s gradual shift to sustainable practices. Bayou With Love aims to translate the beauty of natural balance in the world into a physical form through fashion. It allows consumers to make a deeper connection with how they look and how they feel, because “wearing Bayou is wearing love.”

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