IN THE NOW: Sarah Burton

After working for Alexander McQueen for 26 years, Sarah Burton has announced she is stepping down from her role as creative director. As a British designer, Burton was a trailblazer for female and international designers alike. Her work and craftsmanship proved that high fashion is no longer confined to the countries that historically produce these […]

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Vivienne Westwood Broke the Mold

The British designer, Queen of Punk style, died on December 29, 2022.

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Are Sustainable Products Still Trendy?

With the popularity of thrifting, fashion artists and designers are vying for a spot in the sustainability trend. Being “green” is becoming pervasive trend. The fashion industry is the second biggest polluter after the oil industry, and many companies are starting to realize the negative impacts that they are making. This wave started with Stella […]

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Coffee Shop Couture

Coffee and coffee shops offer a platform for expression. Whether that’s the latte art within the cup, the cozy atmosphere of the cafe, or the style of the caffiene fanatics sipping their drink, coffee always inspires us to be bold.