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Coffee Shop Couture

Coffee and coffee shops offer a platform for expression. Whether that’s the latte art within the cup, the cozy atmosphere of the cafe, or the style of the caffiene fanatics sipping their drink, coffee always inspires us to be bold.

Coffee is art. From coffee beans to the coffee cup, there’s a mastery that takes place to achieve great taste. However, today we see that art is more than just the taste of coffee. The element of greatness that comes from a cup of coffee is not from the coffee itself, it’s the atmosphere that accompanies the drink.

Coffee as a Canvas

No one coffee cup is the same. Once upon a time, coffee was just used as a mundane part of every caffeine-lover’s morning. However, people are drifting away from the cookie-cutter everyday cup of coffee to a drink that is a piece of art: unique and beautiful. Latte art is an increasingly popular example of coffee couture. Baristas use the foam in an espresso drink to create works of art. This element adds a touch of personalization to a person’s coffee-drinking experience. But, creating a simple cup of coffee and intertwining art is just the beginning. Latte art is an example of adding to a customer’s overall experience. Coffee isn’t about what you taste;it’s about how you feel.


The art of coffee is just the beginning…

Similarly, fashion is no longer just about the clothes you wear; it’s about the experience. Intertwining art with the atmosphere adds to the overall experience. The outfit, the atmosphere and the overall vibes of a situation can bring light to the darkest place.  Coffee shops in Chapel Hill are featured all over social media by people trying to achieve an “artsy” vibe. A refreshing, inspiring, colorful environment with eclectic art brings optimism to an otherwise mundane coffee shop experience.

 Photo by Dhvani Bhatia taken at Winthrop University Photo by Dhvani Bhatia taken at Winthrop University

Perennial Cafe, which just opened on Franklin Street has a very unique vibe. Its well lit atmosphere and cozy interiors offer a nice change in atmosphere from the usual UNC campus.

Coffee and fashion?

So, what does coffee have to do with fashion? Coffee shop couture embodies the concept of using yourself or an everyday object as a platform for art. Each experience is unique, personal and tells a narrative. Your fashion should be like your coffee, transforming common trends into something exclusive to you.


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