Sweatpants Can Be Stylish

Comfortable and cute seem like the last words you would use to describe a pair of sweatpants, right? You would be surprised. Loungewear has been one of the biggest trends for the past year, and people are finding the most creative ways to be comfy. In 2020 specifically, this one article of clothing that is usually associated with laziness and messiness has turned into a style statement. From adding statement accessories to pairing them with heels, influencers have styled sweatpants in every way possible. Below are some of the hottest ways to spice up your looks. 

Find sweatpants that are fitted

While baggy sweatpants are cozy, fitted sweatpants make the outfit look more put together. Not only do they look better,  they are also easier to style. 

Pair them with a blazer or fancy coat

When styling sweatpants, it is extremely tempting to pair them with your coziest sweatshirt. Next time, nix that idea and try putting on a blazer. Tie your outfit together with a sleek blazer, long trench coat, or shiny leather jacket. 

Accessorize them to elevate the look

Adding accessories instantly elevates any outfit. Wear some layered necklaces, a watch and a few bracelets to make a bummy outfit stand out. You can also pair your outfit with statement sunglasses or a minimalistic purse to add dimension. 

Choose a monochromatic palette 

Monochromatic clothing  has been a huge trend lately, and it is so sleek. Wearing one color from head to toe is simple, yet really ties the outfit together. Sweatsuits have made a comeback and are an effortless way to change the unkempt look of sweatpants. 

Wear something other than sneakers

Kim Kardashian is the queen of making sweatpants fashionable. The quickest way she elevates her looks is by pairing sweatpants with a pair of heels or boots. Heels are perfect for when you want to be comfortable, but still want to impress. After picking out your shoes, add a cute top and the right accessories to create a classy, yet cozy outfit. 


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