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Winter hair accessories in four classy textures

Since scrunchies made their comeback last year, it seems statement hair accessories have taken street style by storm— pins, clips, clamps, headbands, scarves—  you name it. One particular iteration of this trend has taken a turn toward the more luxe, classy tones of winter style. Below are tips for how to style the eclectic textures of this season’s hair accessories.


Beyond chic frames and chunky earrings, the enormously popular tortoiseshell pattern can be styled in giant barrettes, clips and clamps. This style pairs well with neutrals, like a camel coat, or mixed with subtle jewel-toned patterns.


The silk scarf has been around forever, but I’ve started to notice it more often tied up with ponies and buns as a central accessory. The understated sheen of a patterned scarf goes well with knits, linens and gold jewelry. Some of my favorite colors are cream, rust and dark turquoise.


Glitzy hair accessories have been all over New York Fashion Week-, from pearl-studded barrettes to graphic clips. I think they make a high-tier glamorous statement, especially for a more colorful outfit.


Velvet seems to still have its place as an unmistakeable 90s comeback trend, and I’ve noticed scrunchies, ribbons, and headbands bearing the fabric. This style goes well with neutral silks and satins, especially in jewel tones.

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