Seven Must-Know Fashion Mythbusters

Myths hide everywhere. They live in storybooks, defy reality in action movies and thrive through word-of-mouth. The last place you may suspect one to be lurking? In your very own wardrobe. In fact, the way we dress ourselves is sometimes dictated by fashion misconceptions, the most widespread of which we’ll discuss below.

MYTH ONE – You can’t wear gold and silver in the same outfit

Conventional wisdom has it that these two metallics are mutually exclusive; however, wearing jewelry that combines the two colors actually creates an unexpected pop. The key to combining the two metallics is moderation. With a dash of gold hanging at your ears and a swirl of silver clasped around your wrist, you’ll be sure to make a unique statement.

MYTH TWO – “Metallics do not count as a neutral.”

False. Golden-wash jeans or a silvery top rank at the same level as neutrals like beige, brown and navy. The great thing about these metallics? They tend to offer a greater pop than ordinary neutrals do because of their sheen and sparkle.

MYTH THREE – “You can’t wear white after Labor Day.” 

As a matter of fact, wearing white and off-white from head to toe is becoming increasingly popular. You don’t have to deck yourself out in this neutral, but even a pair of white jeans or a white jacket is enough to refresh a gray winter day.

MYTH FOUR – “High heels are only for a chosen few.”

Nope! Unless you have foot problems, you can wear heels. Sometimes this takes a little leap of faith and some practice, but try to find a quality pair that works for your feet and break them in. You’ll be strutting around in no time.

MYTH FIVE –  “Apply mascara to both the top and bottom lashes.”

Contrary to popular notion, your lashes will look longer and your eyes will pop more if you only apply mascara to your upper lashes and leave the lower ones untouched.

MYTH SIX – “Any moisturizer will do.”

Definitely not. There are many moisturizers that contain mineral oil, which — unlike some natural moisturizing agents like argan oil — clogs your pores. If you wear a moisturizer containing mineral oil, your pores will not be able to breathe, which consequently causes dirt buildup on the skin and an ensuing increase in acne.

MYTH SEVEN – “A brand-name bag makes the outfit.”

No way. If you’re out on the town in sweatpants and a hoodie, even little Louis won’t be able to save your outfit. If you do want to accessorize with your fancy bag, wear a better ensemble. Try a straight-leg, dark-wash jean with a neutral blazer and a colorful infinity scarf. Keep in mind, however, that it’s okay if you don’t have a Coach bag or Louboutins. There are plenty of other ways to look just as (or even more) classy when you wear an unknown label.

While some of these suggestions may surprise you, don’t hesitate to test them out. See for yourself how great — and stylish — it feels to bust a myth.

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