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How the dawn of film inspired the dusk of stereotypes

In 1922, the world of film changed forever with the premier of Robin Hood and the introduction of the Hollywood red carpet.  Since the dawn of film, these red carpet events have been the perfect opportunity to showcase a designer’s most sophisticated and outlandish pieces.   Hours before the event’s host welcomes the world to […]


OPINION: Toxic teen dramas. Do you know what you’re watching?

I am a huge movie and TV buff. I grew up using movies and shows as a method of escapism when life seemed too much. Sitting down to become engrossed in the lives of different characters and traveling with them through everything they have to deal with is still the quickest way to my heart. […]

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Five Fun Halloween Movies

Halloween is days away and here are some of Chloe Williams’ movie favorites that are perfect for a movie marathon. So sit back, relax and enjoy!