It’s Time to Embrace the Bike Shorts Trend

Bike shorts have been in and out of style since Princess Diana was first spotted wearing them as a fashion item rather than athletic wear in the 1990s. In the spring of 2018, the shorts popped up again and have continued to cameo throughout the year.

Since the 2018 Yeezy-inspired debut, “fashion” bike shorts have expanded into many colors and styles. This past runway season saw high-end fashion houses incorporating the trend: Fendi and Roberto Cavalli displayed bike shorts on the runway.

The shorts already have a fanbase with social media stars and models. In the past months, the Kardashian-Jenner crew has hopped on the trend.

 Instagram: @kimkardashian Instagram: @kimkardashian

Kim Kardashian West was the first in the family to be spotted in the stretchy, spandex shorts. As the wife of Kanye West, rapper turned designer, Kardashian West tends to be ahead of the trends when it comes to women’s fashion.

Kendall and Kourtney pair the shorts with more dressed-up looks, while Kylie and Kim usually lean towards the streetwear side. Models such as Hailey Baldwin, Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid have all been spotted wearing the trend, as well.

 Instagram: @kyliejenner Instagram: @kyliejenner  Photo: Getty Images Photo: Getty Images

The beauty of the bike short trend is that they can be paired with almost anything. Fashion has no rules, right?

The shorts can also be found in different materials and fabrics such as faux leather, spandex and cotton. They also come in varying lengths, ranging from just above the knee to only a few inches of inseam.

The question is how long it will last. Based off of the previous styles that have been adopted by the Kar-Jenner family, it appears that these shorts will stick around for a while. Bike shorts are extremely comfortable and can be styled with almost any look.

Fashion may have no rules, but bike shorts are definitely changing the status quo.

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