Clunky and chunky sneakers are not just for dads

Whether you hate it or not, “ugly” dad shoes are now back in style. With the combination of comfort and added height, these are your perfect go-to city shoes. Below are tips on how to style them if you are new to the trend.

With a midi-skirt

For those days that you don’t want to wear jeans, this look is perfect for that comfortable yet chic look. Pair with a crop top for warmer days or a sweater and jacket for those days that you need a little extra warmth.

With classic blue jeans

For the classic, simple look, pair your dad sneakers with blue jeans with a white top. This is where you can add on the accessories, such as a cool jacket, layered necklaces and a belt.

With athleisure

For those days that you really don’t want to try with your outfit but still want to look cool and put together, try pairing a pair of joggers with dad sneakers! You can take the sleek route with all one color or be playful with your colors! Pair with a cropped hoodie or any comfortable shirt of your liking.

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