My Mom Is Actually My Style Icon

My mom is my best friend. We have been compared to Lorelai and Rory of the TV show Gilmore Girls (we are both blue-eyed brunettes with coffee addictions, what can we say!) and talk every day of the week, multiple times a day. While we are similar in many ways (like how we both agree Nick is the hottest Jonas Brother), we have our differences… our styles being one of them.

I Care A Lot and “Unlikability” in Hollywood

I Care A Lot follows Marla Grayson, Pike, and her lover/business partner Fran, Eiza González, as they systematically, and somehow mostly legally, grift the livelihoods of old people. First they assume guardianship of the elderly with help from one corrupt doctor and an overworked judicial system. Then they promptly put them in nursing homes — cutting them off from their families as they sell their homes and belongings. The plausibility of the grift and its alignment with the morality of productivity culture seems to be the movie’s primary social commentary. It is terrifying to watch.

Calvin Klein x Camelot: How the Bessette-Kennedy Romance Brought Together Fashion, Politics, and Celebrity to a Reeling Generation

This is what obscures the objectivity of the oxymoron; without a designation, we lack metrics for what constitutes American royalty. Is it fame? Wealth? Political influence? There is no consensus.

Who Killed Laura Palmer?: An Examination of TV’s Dead Girl Trope

Although it only ran for a mere two seasons, the short-lived murder-mystery series gained a devoted cult following for its distinctive cinematography and eerie elements. “Twin Peaks” celebrated its 31st anniversary on April 8, and with it, presented the question: Why is TV so obsessed with Dead Girls?

Love Talks: Long Distance Relationships

“Love Talks” is a new Coulture digital series which will cover all kinds of topics ranging from breakups to self-love and any and all things dealing with relationships. As a disclaimer, the advice provided is not professional in any way –– these articles will be written from personal opinions based on experiences. “Love Talks” will be a collaborative effort from Coulture writers featuring different perspectives, but the authors will remain anonymous. We start today with the topic of long distance relationships for our first column.

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