Suede and skyscrapers

I’m a city girl. I’m a defensive pedestrian at crosswalks, tune out the world with my headphones and loiter at the nearest coffee shop type of girl. A downtown Denver girl. 

And, yes — I own a blazer and t-strap heels. 

A Forbes 30 Under 30 wannabe and skyscraper enthusiast, I have a fair amount of professional clothes in my closet. Much of it is polyester, maybe some stretchy spandex material. 

But with autumn comes new style trends, fresh colors and puzzling pumpkin spice varieties. The latest clothing trend, I think, is perfect for the successful female CEO.


It may be associated with quirky English professors, but tweed belongs on a warm and commanding peacoat, a structured bomber jacket. Add some navy and red plaid lines into the mix, and you’ve got a modern Sherlock Holmes. Suddenly, you’ve achieved boss lady with a librarian twist. Bonus points for some oversized buttons. 

Tweed’s sister, suede, brings versatility. Ballet flats? Yep. Designer purses? You bet. Luxurious A-line skirts? Suede has you, honey.

Suede means business, and the subtle softness invites personality. You can be both the coworker at the meeting with all the to-do list items checked, and the woman everyone wants to go out for drinks with come five o’clock. You likely already are that girl — suede might just offer more courage than your usual manhattan on the rocks . 

Velvet, too, is always a winner. Any texture that is chic and feels like a toddler’s favorite blanket is killing the game. I own a pair of gray velvet jeans and absolutely adore them. They’re a freshly-shaved legs type of soft. 

This November, dress velvet down with a pair of white sneakers or tie your hair in a luscious pink velvet scrunchie. A velvet blazer is also a banner way of expressing yourself at your next work conference, especially if you’re committed to a neutral color scheme.

There’s also something really satisfying about corduroy. The grooves bring symmetry to my often helter-skelter college student life. I vote for fun colors — a dusty rose or regal jade — but you can keep it simple with a classic khaki. 

Pair corduroy mom jeans with a thick belt and fitted sweater, or add some sass to your autumn style with corduroy booties. A corduroy miniskirt with a fun earrings and knee-high boots is a freaking power move. And did I mention it also looks fabulous with a chunky knit sweater? 

Textured fabric is timeless, both playful and sophisticated. It’s the perfect way to dress for the job you want — fashionable superhero, skyscraper sorcerous, queen of the corner office. 

Just embrace the warmth, the funk, the badassery.

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