Elevating the Norts

Attending school in the South means unbearable heat. Most girls cope with this by wearing the basic Nike shorts and a T-shirt ensemble. While this may be extremely comfortable, why not try to elevate this uniform to a more fashionable level?

The athleisure trend has grown tremendously throughout the years, making it more accessible to look comfortable and stylish simultaneously. With these staple items, you’re on your way to being the most stylish and comfortable person in your classes.

Tennis Skirts

Want to be comfortable and wear a skirt? Well, tennis skirts are your new best friend! With built-in shorts, tennis skirts give you comfort and look sleek at the same time. Try pairing it with a loose fitting graphic tank top or even a sweatshirt if your classes tend to get chilly.

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Moto Leggings

Moto leggings are the perfect transition piece for summer to fall. With the vibe of moto jeans, moto leggings are trendy and flattering. Wearing a different color than black, such as white or army green, puts a spin on the basic leggings. These leggings look great with a solid colored tank top and sneakers.

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Mesh Top

Mesh tops are perfect to wear for breathability in the heat! Mesh tops pair great with plain colored shorts, sneakers, and a cute sports bra.

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Linen Shorts

For a laidback look, linen shorts are great to throw on during the heat of the day. Pair them with a bodysuit, printed tank, or oversized t-shirt. These can be dressed up with accessories or dressed down depending on what look you’re going for.

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Open Back Tank

Want to stay cool and show off a cute sports bra? Try wearing an open tank! These allow for breathability and are so versatile. These tanks look great with either shorts or leggings.

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Short Sleeved Hoodies

Don’t feel like crawling out of bed before class? Throw on a short sleeved hoodie! While feeling cozy, these aren’t as heavy and thick as your basic hoodie. Try wearing with leggings or shorts with colorful sneakers.

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Baseball Cap

In college, baseball caps are essential. While blocking out the sun, they can also help you look more fashionable AND cover up a bad hair day. Running out the door and don’t have any time to get ready? Put on a baseball cap with sunglasses! For a more sleeker look, wear a solid color baseball cap with leggings and an oversized shirt.

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Overall, athleisure is the best trend to ever come across college students. With these staples, you’re guaranteed to stay comfortable while looking stylish.

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