Being a Plus Size Girl That Loves Fashion

Being plus size in today’s world is still not fully accepted. It’s one of the most frustrating things to be a part of the “average size of American women today,” which is a size 16 ladies and gentlemen, and still struggle to find clothes that make us feel confident and fashionable.

Being a “plus size” girl that loves fashion is really, really difficult.

Some of the most infuriating things for “plus size” fashionistas posed with silver lining:

Problem #1: Going to find a pair of jeans, and it literally turns into an all-day thing. Meanwhile, there are girls in the dressing room telling their moms to go get them a double zero because the zero is too big. LIKE WHAT?!

Silver Lining: When you find the right pair of jeans, you’re unstoppable because they hug your curves in all of the right places and make your booty look phenomenal.

Problem #2: Going to a store and having to pick up multiple sizes of the cutest jumpsuit because you’re never sure how it’ll fit. It’s a shocker if it even does fit (but don’t even get me started on rompers).

Silver Lining: Dresses that show side leg, though, are the bomb. AND Forever 21 has the cutest jumpsuits and rompers…

Problem #3: Online shopping is a struggle, ESPECIALLY if stores only have extended sizes online and not in-stores because you never know how it’s going to fit you.

Silver Lining: When you order the cutest outfit online, though, and it fits–YOU PARTY!

Problem #4: Having to wear dresses as tops because thick thighs are a real thing. Oh, and having a butt is, too.

Silver Lining: Tunics are honestly so great for fuller women. It makes us look taller and gives us some needed length for booty coverage.

Problem #5: Going to the materials list on a website, because having a stretchy fabric actually matters for us big-booty girls and boys.

Silver Lining: Satin doesn’t wear well for long periods of time anyway…

Problem #6: Being four different sizes at four different stores. Yeah, it’s a real thing. I’ve known myself to have bought medium tops at Urban Outfitters, XXL flannels at Old Navy, 3X ones at Forever 21, and drum roll please, large tops at Altar’d State all in the same day. LIKE WHAT EVEN IS THAT?!

Silver Lining: Once you get your own size chart down, though, you’re good to go and shopping becomes a breeze.

Seriously, though. Coming from a person who normally has had to shove 20 tops to the front of the rack to even get to her size and praying to God you get the last AND only large or extra large in the store is so frustrating. My friends complain and complain and complain about how they have such trouble finding clothes, and I’d like to give them my body for a day and tell them to have a blast. Knowing that no matter what size romper or jumpsuit you get, the thing still won’t fit is so frustrating. Being looked up and down constantly in stores when I’m slaying the fashion game because my thighs are thicker than most girls shopping in stores with cute clothes is so frustrating. And living in a world that still has “Plus Size” put into a separate whole category on websites is so frustrating.

Why isn’t there a law yet about weight discrimination, because God knows that’s a thing? And you want to know something even more frustrating? According to Time, plus size women, not plus size men, but plus size women make consistently less than the average woman and even less than the average man. Mind blowing isn’t it? We thought the wage gap was bad, but women with thicker thighs have an even thicker wage gap. Imagine that.

I know it may not be well taken, but it’s time to recognize that the people the world has defined as “plus size” are regular-sized.

American Eagle Outfitters has made strides in the recent years and months to have models of all sizes represent their brand. The models aren’t all double zeros, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I can better imagine myself in clothes when someone close to my size is wearing them.

Project Runway is having its first ever season with models of all sizes as well, and every designer gets randomly paired up with a model of any given size for every week’s challenge.

Fabletics has started carrying a plus-size fashion line of leggings, too, which is a huge deal because thick thighs have to have some stretchy leggings to accommodate them in the best way possible.

Thick women are slaying lives right now, though. Queen Latifah, Rebel Wilson, Ashley Graham, Jessamyn Stanley, and Adele–you are all queens, and I aspire to be you. And the Kardashians? Their booties are literally worshipped all over the world.

So, don’t you think the rest of the world needs to follow in catering to us big booty girls a lot better? Because I know I do.

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